The Nest Sharing Circle

When women gather in circle something

‘Magical Happens’

We invite you to join us in the ancient healing practice of simply coming together in circle.

The Nest ‘Sharing Circle’ is a deep, tender and compassionate place to be seen, heard, and feel fully supported in.

When we come together in this ancient ritual of healing, the invisible thread that weaves us together becomes beautifully connected.

When we share our stories, we empower each other

There will be candlelight, cosy blankets, relaxing and grounding meditations, a space for sharing our stories, connecting to the rhythms of Mother Nature, poetry and readings. Circle offers you the chance to come together with other women and nurture a regular practice of self-care, turning inwards and reflection.

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Circles for the Season…

You will find below the dates of our ‘Sharing Circles’ running this Autumn, Our circles follow the moon cycle and will run on a Thursday evening as close to the Full and New moon as possible …

August 31st

September 14th

September 28th

October 12th

Women sitting around a fire at night holding hands
Two women walking with arms around each other
Two women holding hands in the same pink dress