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Bespoke Solo Retreats to reclaim your sense of self and find your true purpose

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Deep care, empathy and skill in supporting women is at the heart of The Nest.

The retreats at The Nest are for any one who wants slow down , recuperate and restore. Designed for each individuals personal needs and life phase, our retreats ensure that you have a completely unique experience.

Throughout your stay you will journey through daily activities including QiQong and daily mindful walks on the North Cornwall stunning coastline, restorative yoga, reflective and grounding meditations, mindfulness practice, evening body scans. Not to mention a relaxing lympatic drainage massage in your peaceful space at The Nest Residence, The Hyde, in Porthtowan.

A fully catered Solo Retreat, from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, nothing will be too much trouble. Our gentle support will nudge you back towards yourself, giving you permission to take a step back and let somebody else do the heavy lifting for a while, meeting your needs in the right A way

Nest retreats were curated to immerse you in the wonderful healing power of Nature, with the sole purpose of leaving you feeling emotionally, physically and mentally nourished. Ensuring that your stay is a unique personal journey, restorative and restful. Surrounded by beautiful wild landscape and the healing power of the ocean,  we can’t wait to welcome you.

Artist Awakening

Open your channels to creativity and bravely bare your inner artist

Acknowledge and shift blockages to awaken your inner artist with this expansive, introspective and inspiring retreat.  Whether you are suffering writer’s block, wanting to start a new artistic project or are venturing out into the wilds of the creative world for the first time. The Artist awakening Journey is designed to offer you a held space to facilitate and explore your innate ability to create, whilst connecting with nature and the 5 Elements.

Artist Awakening 4 night stay – £3,995

Artist Awakening 3 night stay – £3,495

Artist Awakening 2 night stay – £2,645

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women on a beach

Wild Heart

Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side

Bespoke Solo Retreats in the heart of North Cornwall’s coast line.

This retreat is curated to blend ‘Slow conscious living’ whilst reconnecting to your truest, wildest self. A time to feel into your instincts whilst embracing the sensual experience of the ocean and mother nature. Seeing your own raw wild beauty reflected back at you.

Wild Heart 4 night stay – £3,995

Wild Heart 3 night stay – £3,495

Wild Heart 2 night stay – £2,645

Healing Heart

Calm & soothe your weary soul

Regroup and regather yourself with this beautiful, gentle, calm retreat. Whether you are dealing with midlife exhaustion, the loss of a relationship or have just lost your way for too long. The Healing Heart Journey is designed to offer you deep relaxation, tools to heal and re-balance, whilst deeply nurturing and nourishing your soul and helping you to begin a path to new beginnings.

Healing Heart 4 night stay – £3,995

Healing Heart 3 night stay – £3,495

Healing Heart 2 night stay – £2,645

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