Empowered by Nature, Nurtured by Women: Restorative Retreat with all-female team

Embrace the Circle: Connecting with the Women Who Guide Your Transformation

Welcome to the heart of The Nest, a Women’s restorative retreat with all-female team where every hand that nurtures your journey belongs to a woman who walks the path of transformation alongside you.

Meet the compassionate guides, wise mentors, and gentle souls who weave the magic of your restorative retreat. Each face you see here reflects a dedication to supporting women in rediscovering their inner light, blooming with renewed purpose, and embracing the radiant selves they were always meant to be.


is the founder of The Nest

Where Nature Empowers Your Soul to Radiate

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Moya’s story is a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of artistry, self-discovery, and a profound connection to the natural world. Her journey began with empowering women through the lens of her camera, igniting confidence and beauty within them. But life’s twists and turns led her to a verdant haven in the heart of the Kent countryside 8 years ago.
Here, amidst rolling hills and whispering trees, Moya’s childhood love for nature rekindled into a blazing passion. The countryside became her sanctuary, its beauty a balm to her soul, a source of balance and renewed purpose. It was this healing embrace of nature that inspired her to share its transformative power with other women.
And so, “The Nest” was born – a haven where weary souls find solace and restoration. Whether immersed in the tranquility of Moya’s Kent farmland or basking in the ocean breeze of the wilds of the North Cornwall coastline, each woman embarks on a journey of rejuvenation.
But Moya’s dedication to holistic well-being transcends breathtaking settings. As a certified Restorative Yoga Teacher and Reiki practitioner, she guides women on journeys of inner peace and physical rejuvenation. Her training as a Women’s Circle Facilitator further empowers her to create safe spaces for connection and shared experiences.
Today, Moya’s life embodies the transformative power of nature and the ripple effect of one woman’s passion. She walks alongside other women, no longer just through the lens of a camera, but through the transformative embrace of the natural world. Here, they rediscover their inner strength and beauty, blossoming into the vibrant versions of themselves they were always meant to be.
Moya’s “Nest” is more than a retreat; it’s a catalyst for empowerment, a space where women reclaim their radiance, one mindful breath and breathtaking vista at a time. So, if you yearn to reconnect with nature, awaken your inner strength, and discover the vibrant woman you truly are, let Moya be your guide. She’ll help you embrace the transformative power of nature and step into a life that radiates with authentic beauty.

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Your Mindful Muse at The Nest

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Within the nurturing embrace of The Nest, Susie’s spirit resonates with the gentle hum of mindfulness. A seasoned coach, therapist, and musician (viola, voice, and singing bowls), she weaves her years of experience into a tapestry of well-being, exclusively for women seeking solace and rediscovery.
Susie’s expertise is deeply ingrained. She holds steadfast in the transformative power of mindfulness-based awareness, believing it unlocks the true potential within each of us. Whether guiding clients through mindfulness practices, delving into the depths of mindful therapy, or letting the music wash away burdens with its soothing melodies, she expertly blends her diverse skillset to create a personalised path to self-awareness.
Her approach is as gentle as the whispers of nature that grace The Nest’s grounds. Through guided meditations, insightful questions, and the calming presence of her music, breathing exercises, and mindfulness tools, Susie fosters a safe, judgment-free space. Here, amidst the serenity, clients shed layers of mental noise, reconnect with the present moment, and blossom into their most authentic selves.
Susie’s qualifications are a testament to her dedication to this calling. Years of experience has equipped her with an extensive toolkit. Outside of the Nest, she offers mindfulness courses, workshops sessions, and mindful therapy, both online and in person, tailoring her approach to each unique soul. Whether working with individuals, families, couples, or groups within schools and workplaces, her gentle touch brings mindfulness to every corner, fostering harmony and well-being.
So, if you find yourself yearning for a haven of understanding, a space to shed old patterns and awaken to your true potential, let Susie be your guide at The Nest. Within this circle of sisterhood, under the gentle caress of her expert guidance and the soul-stirring melodies of her music, you’ll discover the transformative power of being seen, heard, and supported. And within yourself, you’ll uncover the vibrant melody of your authentic self, ready to sing its own joyful song.

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Reconnect with Your Wild Soul in Nature’s Embrace

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Tansy isn’t just a nature enthusiast; she’s a conduit, a bridge between you and the wild woman slumbering within. As a certified Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) guide and Natural Mindfulness Teacher, she believes a deep connection to Mother Earth is the key to unlocking your true self.
Imagine shedding the layers of stress and disconnection, stepping into the verdant embrace of a forest, and feeling your soul reawaken. That’s the transformative power Tansy offers through her work with the all-female team at “The Nest”.
Her approach is as diverse as nature itself. She blends Shinrin Yoku, mindfulness, and life coaching to craft personalized experiences that guide you on a journey of Reconnecting with your intuition: Nature whispers wisdom, and Tansy helps you tune in to its gentle nudges so you can:
Embrace your wild woman: Unleash the fierce, unapologetic you, the one who thrives in the face of challenges.
Find your voice and speak your truth: Let your inner fire blaze, express yourself with authenticity and power.
Live in alignment with your values: Discover what truly matters to you and create a life that reflects your deepest desires.
Find joy and purpose: Nature’s abundance spills over into your life, filling it with laughter, meaning, and connection.

So, are you ready to reconnect with your wild soul? Let Tansy and our all-female team be your guides on this transformative journey.

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Unveiling Your Potential with Eastern Wisdom at The Nest

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Imagine a life infused with Eastern philosophy, where movement, mindfulness, and creativity intertwine to unlock your authentic self. That’s the essence of Erin’s approach at The Nest, a restorative haven for women in Cornwall.
As a passionate student of yoga and Eastern medicine, Erin sees each aspect of practice as a doorway to self-discovery. Whether guiding you through fluid Hatha flows, grounding Yin postures, or the mindful movements of Qi Gong, she weaves Eastern wisdom into every step.
But Erin’s journey doesn’t end on the yoga mat. As a mentor and massage therapist, she delves deeper, helping you explore how your environment, habits, and even creative pursuits impact your well-being.
Drawing on Taoist principles, Erin encourages self-inquiry and a deep connection with nature. She understands the challenges of creative blocks, having experienced them firsthand as a textile artist who creates stunning visual art. Through mindful practices and a deep listening to nature’s whispers, she helps you clear energetic blockages and unlock your creative flow.
And when your body needs a touch of physical rejuvenation, Erin’s expertise in Lymphatic Drainage comes into play. With an intuitive touch, she works to release energetic blockages and restore your body’s natural flow, leaving you feeling revitalized, relaxed, and perfectly aligned.
At The Nest, Erin is more than just a yoga teacher, mentor, and massage therapist; she’s a guide, a confidante, and a fellow traveler on the path of self-discovery. With her contagious passion for Eastern wisdom and her unwavering belief in your potential, she empowers you to move, breathe, and create your way to a life that truly unfolds from within.
So, join Erin at The Nest, and embark on a journey of self-discovery where ancient wisdom meets modern practices, and where every step leads you closer to revealing the vibrant, radiant being you were always meant to be.

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Whispers of Tranquility at The Nest

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For over 15 years, Emma’s hands have woven magic, guiding countless souls towards well-being as a skilled beauty and massage therapist. From bustling spas to exotic getaways, each touch whispered secrets of relaxation and healing.
Now, at The Nest’s tranquil barn studio, Emma’s mission continues. Witnessing the joy of her clients – stress melting away, smiles blooming – fuels her passion.
Massage holds a special place in her repertoire. Each stroke, a lullaby for weary muscles, eases tension, soothes aches and pains away. But the benefits extend beyond the physical. Studies reveal the magic of touch – lowering stress, quieting anxiety, and slowing down our heart rates.
In Emma’s warm embrace, amidst nature’s whispers, you experience this magic firsthand. Imagine surrendering to her gentle rhythm, each movement a lullaby for your soul. Imagine worries dissolving, replaced by a calming tide of peace.
This is the Emma experience: a sanctuary of touch where tranquility unfolds, leaving you renewed and radiant. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and let Emma’s gentle touch guide you on a journey to your own blissful haven. At The Nest, nestled amidst nature’s whispers, await moments of profound relaxation – each touch a testament to the healing power of human connection.

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Your Gentle Compass at The Nest

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Imagine stepping into a haven of understanding, where your story unfolds with ease and gentle support. At The Nest, Cori’s homeopathy practice offers exactly that – a space where she guides you towards your own unique “True North” of well-being.
Cori believes our bodies hold an innate wisdom, constantly striving for balance and healing. Sometimes, life’s turbulences throw us off kilter, and that’s where she steps in with compassion and expertise.
Imagine finding a haven of understanding, where your story unfolds with ease and gentle support. That’s the heart of Cori’s homeopathy practice, a space where she guides you towards your own unique “True North” of well-being.
Through homeopathic consultations and remedies, Cori becomes your partner in rediscovering wholeness. With keen intuition and a warm, welcoming presence, she puts you at ease, creating a safe space for you to share your journey.
As The Nest’s resident homeopath, Cori’s understanding extends beyond physical ailments. As an American expat who has navigated the challenges of international moves and cultural shifts, she has a deep empathy for transitions, major changes, and the yearning for belonging. She walks alongside you, offering insights gleaned from her own experiences and years of supporting others.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Cori finds joy in the simple pleasures of life – kayaking on tranquil waters, walks with her loyal dog Suzie, laughter-filled game nights, and hosting vibrant Mexican feasts for loved ones. This nurturing spirit spills over into her practice, creating a supportive atmosphere where healing can truly blossom.
Whether you join her for a solo retreat or connect with her during a program at The Nest, you’ll find in Cori a gentle guide and a compassionate listener. With her expertise and genuine warmth, she’ll help you reconnect with your inner wisdom and navigate your journey towards a life of balance and wholeness.
So, if you’re seeking a path to well-being within the nurturing embrace of The Nest, let Cori be your gentle compass. She’ll help you chart your course towards wholeness, one mindful step at a time.


Where Waves Empower and the Ocean Heals

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Imagine growing up in a Cornish village famous for its surfing spirit, the roar of the ocean your lullaby, the glint of sun on waves your sunrise. That’s Dominique’s story, a woman woven from the sea itself.
From conquering waves in New Zealand and Australia to winning championships (including both the New Zealand and British Longboarding titles), Dominique rode the crests of her passion, her spirit as boundless as the ocean. But her journey wasn’t just about personal triumphs; it was about empowering others, especially women and girls.
Fueled by a mission to evolve female surfing, Dominique founded the Pure Blue Surf Academy. Here, in a safe and supportive haven, she nurtured budding surfers, honing their skills and igniting their love for the ocean. Her dedication paved the way for the first women-only surf contest, opening doors for countless female athletes.
As a coach for the British Junior Team and others, Dominique’s expertise guided surfers to prestigious competitions, her passion a beacon for aspiring wave riders. Yet, amidst the accolades, she never lost sight of herself, continuing to carve her own path on the waves.
But the ocean wasn’t just her playground; it was her sanctuary. Through personal struggles, Dominique discovered the ocean’s profound healing power, both physical and mental. Now, she shares this wisdom, teaching others to reconnect with themselves through the ocean’s invigorating energy.

Whether it’s the exhilarating rush of a perfect ride, the soothing caress of the waves, or the mindful immersion in its vastness, Dominique empowers you to tap into the ocean’s transformative embrace.
Ask anyone in Cornwall’s surfing community about Dominique Kent, and you’ll be met with a smile as wide as the ocean itself. For she’s not just a surfer, a mother, or a top-level coach; she’s a woman who embodies the spirit of the waves – powerful, inspiring, and forever connected to the healing magic of the sea.