immerse yourself in nature and reconnect to your truest, wild self

Allow this Wild Soul Connection to recalibrate you and allow you to tune in with your instinctive senses, realigning you with the magical beauty and healing powers of Mother Nature. Make your dreams a reality, unleash your innate power and rediscover your wild heart.

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The Wild Soul Connection Retreat includes:

Revert back to nature in this fully catered solo Retreat at The Old Sheep Fold. From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, nothing will be too much trouble. Allowing time for you to self-soothe and tend to your own heart. This is a truly therapeutic escape which will allow you to unearth a truer, wilder, more holistic way of life and simple living, to re-wild your soul.

Rekindle your connection to the Mother Nature with guided mindful forest walks and meditations – these sessions are designed to help you calm down and be present, whilst helping you to connect with nature and align with her healing and aspirational qualities. You will enjoy the sense of calm and well-being that being in nature gives so readily.

As part of your programme you will enjoy a morning of Forest bathing and rewilding in our beautiful Staffhurst Woods. Connecting with the beautiful trees and wildlife that inhabit these ancient woods, nature will be your tonic and teacher. Reclaim your creativity, nourish your body and soul, and unearth your true and untamed wild self. On your return to the Old Sheep fold you will experience a relaxing and soul nourishing afternoon of intention setting and mood board design.

Experience a beautiful, 1-2-1 connected ‘Wild Woman’ QiQong session which will align you with the earth and skies. Drawing upon your inner strength and wisdom of heart to embody your own freedom within each movement. Feeling into the elements and allowing the body and breath to move to their flowing, airy nature until we rest back onto earth for an inward journey to your true self.

Enjoy an energizing Full Body Aromatherapy Massage in our peaceful Barn Studio – you will be taken on a wonderful 60 minutes of top-to-toe body massage experience. Whilst giving you a relaxing treatment the use of energizing oils and acupressure massage points will leave you feeling ‘Alive and on top of the world

Knowing you are in safe hands, embrace an evening relaxation programme of meditation, yoga and breath work. A restorative tool for healing, wellbeing and effortless relaxation.

This Retreat immerses you in Nature. Removing any unwanted body armour and simply allowing you to rest into being. Find your roots of connection and expand into the fullest form of who you truly are.

Wild Soul 3 night stay – £2195

Wild Soul 2 night stay – £1895

Wild Soul 1 night stay/2 day stay – £1395


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