boost confidence & revitalise your mind, body & spirit

We invite you to get wonderfully lost or maybe found on this powerful retreat. Offering you a voyage of self-discovery and transformation on a journey designed to nourish, revitalise and boost your mind, body & spirit. Our ‘Warrior Woman’ exists within all of us, she is here to support you in your journey towards a greater sense of strength, balance and confidence.

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The Warrior Women Retreat includes:

A fully catered Solo Retreat at The Old Sheep Fold and Barn Studio. From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, nothing will be too much trouble.

During your stay enjoy daily guided mindfulness, meditation practice, forest bathing, yoga, QiQong, sound therapy and massage – the sessions are designed to help you calm down and transition from your everyday, whilst helping you to connect with your inner ‘warrior woman’. You will practice being present, confident, learning tools to takeaway and tap into your in everyday life.

Your ‘Warrior Woman’ yoga & QiQong practice is designed to give you calmness, strength, balance & confidence. Enjoy feeling your inner power as your body moves in ways that connect you to a deeply personal experience of your own embodied confidence.

An Energising Full Body Aromatherapy Massage in our peaceful barn studio- you will be taken on a wonderful 60 minutes of top-to-toe body massage experience. Whilst giving you a relaxing treatment the use of energising oils and acupressure massage points will leave you feeling ‘Alive and on top of the world’.

Knowing you are in safe hands, enjoy an evening relaxation programme of meditation, yoga and breath work. A restorative tool for healing, wellbeing and effortless relaxation.

The ‘Warrior Woman’ Retreat creates a real, identifiable, long term positive change whilst helping you to develop a more peaceful and joyful connection to your life, your relationships and more importantly to yourself.

Warrior Woman 3 night stay– £2300

Warrior Woman 2 night stay – £1895

Warrior Woman 1 night – £1695

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