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Deep care, empathy and skill in supporting women is at the heart of The Nest.

All of the women involved in supporting our guests have trodden their own path and experienced an emotional journey which has fuelled their fire and passion to work with women.

women on a beach

Warrior Woman

Boost confidence & revitalise your mind, body & spirit

We invite you to get wonderfully lost or maybe found on this powerful retreat. Offering you a voyage of self-discovery and transformation on a journey designed to nourish, revitalise and boost your mind, body & spirit. Our ‘Warrior Woman’ exists within all of us, she is here to support you in your journey towards a greater sense of strength, balance and confidence

women on a beach

Soul Journey

Take the path to ultimate Rest & Relaxation

Craving some much needed self-nourishment? Why not take some time out for yourself with the ultimate act of self care and book onto this wonderfully restful & restorative retreat. Designed not only to allow you some time to switch off but also to recharge that ebbing soul and energy.

The Old Sheep Fold is the perfect place to to give yourself time to relax and just be. Cocoon yourself in beautiful cashmere blankets, tea and cake in hand or recline in our wild flower garden with a good book and a glass of wine. Let the sounds of nature keep you company as you gently drift off to sleep in our super comfy bed.

We aim to give you the recharging, soul nourishing experience you deserve, gently guiding you into a state of pure relaxation.

Healing Heart

Calm & soothe your weary soul

Regroup and regather yourself with this beautiful, gentle, calm retreat. Whether you are dealing with pandemic/lockdown exhaustion, the loss of a relationship or have just lost your way for too long. The Healing Heart Journey is designed to offer you deep relaxation, tools to heal and re-balance, whilst deeply nurturing and nourishing your soul and helping you to begin a path to new beginnings.

women on a beach

Wild Soul

Immerse yourself in nature and reconnect to your truest, wild self

Allow this Wild Soul Connection to recalibrate you and allow you to tune in with your instinctive senses, realigning you with the magical beauty and healing powers of Mother Nature. Make your dreams a reality, unleash your innate power and rediscover your wild heart.

Free Spirit

Pause, Reconnect and uplift your Soul

Take that much needed time and space for ‘YOU’ on this beautiful ‘Day Retreat’.Designed to allow you time to pause and givie yourself the permission to slow down and reconnect – so often neglected by all of us. Free Spirit will give you the space and time to recharge and reconnect whilst being thoroughly looked after for a whole day by the wonderful ‘Nest’ Team.

women on a beach