Our Mission

Utterly devoted to providing a safe space and warm welcome, we are an all female team here to support your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. We are dedicated to celebrating and empowering you to reconnect with your true essence, emerging with renewed strength, confidence and appreciation of your unique magic.

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Our Story so far…

The Nest hosts solo restorative retreats created for women, hosted by women. Designed to help women reconnect with themselves, it offers the opportunity to practice self-care in the truest sense.

With a team of talented women bringing a multitude of complementary skills spanning mindfulness, forest bathing, yoga, talk therapy, Ayurvedic and aromatherapy treatments. We offer rest and recovery, reconnection and reinvigoration. A powerful and transformative programme curated to each guests’ personal needs and life-phase. Our power lies within the simple invitation to create space for guests to just be.

Retreats at The Nest are based in the luxurious and intimate setting of The Old Sheep Fold and Barn Studio – a Luxury Shepherd Hut and private yoga studio, nestled in private farmland in the beautiful Kent Countryside.  The Old Sheep Fold is a unique space – beautiful, quiet and peaceful, it offers a sanctuary ‘Hidden in nature’. There’s a sense of being cocooned in a space where nothing from the outside world can touch you – wrapped in soft blankets and thoughtful hospitality, we’ve taken care to create a beautifully cosy nest. It’s at once a home form home yet a step off the world where every detail is taken care of – luxurious linens cover the bed, nutritious meals are served, snacks are on hand and an abundance of restorative walks are on the doorstep.

The intimacy of the environment is combined with the magic of sisterhood; of women passionate about supporting other women. It weaves into your soul and leaves a foot print on your heart well beyond your stay.

Whether guests arrive with us looking forward to a well deserved break, or whether they bring emotional trauma that they need help navigating, we provide gentle and compassionate support. 

Enjoy the time and space to move at a different pace for a little while, with room to contemplate, rest and reconnect.

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