calm & soothe your weary soul

Regroup and regather yourself with this beautiful, gentle, calm retreat. Whether you are dealing with emotional exhaustion, the loss of a relationship or have just lost your way for too long. The Healing Heart Journey is designed to offer you deep relaxation, tools to heal and re-balance, whilst deeply nurturing and nourishing your soul and helping you to begin a path to new beginnings.

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The Healing Heart Retreat includes:

A fully catered Solo Retreat  at The Hyde residence in Porthtowan., Cornwall. From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, nothing will be too much trouble. Our gentle support will nudge you back towards yourself, giving you permission to take a step back and let somebody else do the heavy lifting for a while, meeting your needs in the right way.

During your stay enjoy daily guided mindfulness, meditation practice, QiQong, gentle, healing yoga, walk and talk intuitive coaching on the beautiful cliff tops, optional cold water swims, breath work and massage – these sessions will be sensitively designed with The Nest team, around your own personal needs. They will help manage any stress and upset you may be experiencing, helping you calm down, be present and peaceful. You will practice ways to to take care of yourself , giving you those essential tools that we often need but overlook in our everyday life. Recharge your body, mind and soul. Rest within your own inner strength and peace.

A gentle Full Body, lymphatic drainage massage – Saviour this wonderful 60 minutes of top-to-toe body massage experience in your peaceful space at our residence. This time is just for you and will help you disconnect from the pressures of everyday life. Drift away to a world where its just you whilst enjoying the wonderful relaxing oils and acupressure points used in this deeply restorative treatment.

Knowing you are in safe hands, you can enjoy your personal soothing and gentle relaxation programme of meditation, QiQong, yoga and breath work. A restorative tool for healing, wellbeing and effortless relaxation. This programme is designed to settle the body, mind and emotions when we have been experiencing difficulties regulating our mood. This reassuring inner sanctuary practice is a powerful tool to guide you into the ever peaceful and joyful place that always reside within us. We often feel separated from our own fountain of inner peace but all we really need is guidance to learn to peel back the layers of the world to our reservoir of calm.

Mindful talk therapy – A perfect therapy for those of us who have felt lost, stuck, stressed, disconnected or discontent. Learning to identify your own healing needs and learning to embody them can bring back energetic balance and provide a deeper sense of inner peace.

This healing package will provide space for you to feel, to breathe and to be heard. Gentle, loving guidance will be offered by The Nest team to help you become more aware of what is out of balance, providing you with simple, yet powerful practices to help reconnect your mind, body and emotions. Leaving you with a greater sense of peace and purpose.

Healing Heart 4 night stay – £3995

Healing Heart  3 Night Stay – £3495

Healing Heart  2 Night Stay – £2995


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