The Nest – Sharing Circle

I invite you to join me in the ancient healing practice of simply coming together in circle.

The Nest ‘Sharing Circle’ is a deep, tender and compassionate place to be seen, heard, and feel fully supported in. When we come together in this ancient ritual of healing, the invisible thread that weaves us together becomes beautifully connected. When we share our stories, we empower each other.

Enjoy an evening of candles, cosy blankets, grounding & relaxing meditations, a space for open sharing and stories, connecting to the rhythms of Mother Nature, poetry and readings..Circle offers you a chance to come together with other women and nurture a regular practice of self-care, turning inwards and reflection.

There are only 11 spaces available for this intimate, gentle circle. I look forward to welcoming you. It will be an honour to sit beside you in ritual and sisterhood.

A 90 minute session, held at the Studio Barn, The Nest.


Bookings are closed for this event.