MenoPause & Midlife Evening

Do you need to take a pause for you? have some space to breathe and relax? be somewhere you feel listened to and supported? somewhere you can start to relax and unwind and learn to regulate your nervous system and ease anxieties?

Join the team at ‘The Nest’ for an evening of sharing stories, mindfulness tips and deep relaxation techniques.You will learn how to be calmer and more regulated. We will teach you how to manage your unhelpful and fearful thoughts and ease symptoms. This will be YOUR TIME, time for tuning in to your body, time away from your busyness and to-do lists. There will be cosy blankets and candles, we promise you won’t want to leave.

Understanding what the Menopause & Midlife means ‘to you’ can smooth the transition into this new change in your life.

In coming together as Women, sharing our stories, we empower each other. We can begin to look at the ‘Menopause & Midlife’ as a beginning, not an end. Approaching this time in our lives with awareness of what is happening physically, emotionally, mentally and holistically. This is our power. We can begin to connect to our selves more deeply, to our purpose and place in this world. A time for celebration, a time of awakening, a time to embrace our ‘Second Spring’.





Bookings are closed for this event.