MenoPause Evening

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Transform your Menopause Journey.

Join us for an evening of sharing your story, mindfulness and wellbeing tips, meditation and relaxation techniques. Each session is thoughtfully curated to help ease menopause symptoms & midlife anxieties. Where you can find deep relaxation in a warm cosy environment, candles flickering while you relax into a gently guided, beautiful sequence of grounding meditations and body scans.

In coming together as Women in a safe, supportive space, sharing our stories, we empower each other. We can begin to look at the ‘Menopause’ as a beginning, not an end. Approaching this time in our lives with awareness of what is happening in our bodies, spiritually, mentally and holistically. This is our power. When we honour our journeys, our wounds and celebrate our bodies, we can begin to re-connect ourselves more deeply to our purpose and place in this world.

Re-evaluating this transformative phase in our lives and starting to understand what the menopause means ‘TO YOU’ offers us an opportunity to grow and evolve. Menopause is a loud call to re-evaluate who we think we are. What waits for us on the other side is something much more meaningful. What is waiting for us on the other side is ‘FREEDOM”.

Menopause is a time for celebration, a time of awakening, it is a time to illuminate our shadows, to reclaim, re-make and reconnect.

It is time to embrace our ‘Second Spring’.



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