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Wild Heart

Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side

THE NEST IS HEADING WEST…Bespoke Solo Retreats in the heart of North Cornwall’s coast line.

This retreat is curated to blend ‘Slow conscious living’ whilst reconnecting to your truest, wildest self. A time to feel into your instincts whilst embracing the sensual experience of the ocean and mother nature. Seeing your own raw wild beauty reflected back at you.

Experience the beautiful healing power of the ocean, whilst being immersed in the wilderness of Cornwall’s breathtaking landscape. You will be staying in your own luxurious treehouse The Hyde, hidden in amongst the treetops and just a short walk from one of Cornwall’s stunning surfing beaches. Overhanging the dense woodland, on a privately owned World Heritage Site. The Hyde, is a peaceful retreat amongst nature, whilst offering plenty of style and comfort.

With your own personal team on hand to meet all your needs, this beautiful retreat has been curated to awaken the senses, deeply nourish the soul and help you re-connect with your most authentic, confident self. It will allow you time to fully switch off while being immersed in nature, bringing you home to yourself. You’ll get to experience guided daily sea swimming and surf coaching, walking on the beautiful cliff tops, along with mindfulness and meditation practices surrounded by stunning beaches. Safely nestled back at ‘The Hyde‘ you will enjoy heart-led, restorative yoga, massage, journaling exercises and beautiful, locally sourced, home-cooked cuisine.

The majestic ocean and wild landscape of North Cornwall will leave a footprint in your soul forever. Captivating you, whilst bringing you face-to-face with the raw beauty of nature, where time seems to slow and expand in a beautiful silence, as your rhythms gently fall in tune with the ocean.

The Wild Heart Retreat will be available to book in September, October, April, May & June. Dates released on enquiry.

4 night/ 4 day stay £3,225

Email or DM for more information & available dates

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Golden sun setting over the ocean with land in the distance
Cozy room with double bed overlook a green forest
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Hammock in a forest with autumn leaves on the ground
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