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Artist Awakening

Open your channels to creativity and bravely bare your inner artist

Acknowledge and shift blockages to awaken your inner artist with this expansive, introspective and inspiring retreat.  Whether you are suffering writer’s block, wanting to start a new artistic project or are venturing out into the wilds of the creative world for the first time. The Artist awakening Journey is designed to offer you a held space to facilitate and explore your innate ability to create, whilst connecting with nature and the 5 Elements.

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LA fully catered Solo Retreat  at The Hyde residence in Porthtowan, Cornwall. From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, nothing will be too much trouble. Our gentle support will nudge you back towards yourself, giving you permission to take a step back and let somebody else do the heavy lifting for a while, meeting your needs in the right way

During your stay, enjoy: daily guided mindfulness, meditation practice, therapeutic journalling, optional cold water swimming, healing yoga, Qi-Gong, breath work and massage. The Artist awakening retreat includes workshops designed with your creative journey in mind.

 All sessions will be sensitively designed with The Nest team, around your own personal needs. They will help you through any difficult emotions that may come up while you are bravely breaking down your blockages, helping you express your feelings, and bring yourself to a place of balance and readiness to share your gifts. 

You will practice ways to take care of your inner artist, empowering the parts of yourself that may get neglected in everyday life. Open your soul to channel creativity from all that surrounds you. Nature is always creating and recreating herself. Take permission to bring your ideas to life. Make waves within your body, mind and soul. Take peace in the discovery that inspiration flows through your inner artist.

A gentle Full Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Savour this wonderful 60 minute top-to-toe body massage. This time is for you to relax and will help you let go of tensions and distractions so that your body is primed for opening to new inspiration. Drift away to a world where it’s just you whilst enjoying the aromatherapy oils and acupressure that soothe you in this deeply restorative treatment.

Self Expression Workshop – Therapeutic journaling, conversation and experimental explorations are used to uncover the secrets of your artistic being. Practicing expressing these deep identities will allow you to attune to creative acts with less attachment to the outcome. Through these acts you can embody the true meaning of artistic practice, that it is an ongoing journey of self-expression.

This creative package will provide space for you to feel, to breathe and to be heard. When we acknowledge what is holding us back, we can peer around the curtain and shake off the experiences and opinions that are keeping us from sharing our creativity. Gentle, loving guidance will be offered by The Nest team to help you find harmony with your inner artist. Our facilitators provide you with simple, yet powerful practices to help reconnect your mind, body and emotions. Leaving you well resourced to take the next steps on your creative journey.

Wild Heart 4 night stay – £3,995

Wild Heart 3 night stay – £3,495

Wild Heart 2 night stay – £2,645

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