Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery: Astrology and Talk Therapy Packages

Do you feel adrift, yearning for answers about your desires and purpose? Or perhaps hidden emotional wounds linger, whispering of unfulfilled potential? If you seek deeper understanding and transformative healing, embark on a journey guided by the stars and empowered by talk therapy.

These carefully crafted astrology and talk therapy packages offer potent pathways to self-discovery. Each package delves into specific aspects of your birth chart, unlocking the wisdom buried within. Whether you yearn for clarity on your heart’s desires, crave nurturing support for emotional healing, or seek to awaken your inner warrior on the karmic path, there’s a package waiting to illuminate your unique journey.

Ready to shed the shadows and step into the light of your authentic self? Explore these unique offerings and begin writing a new chapter of empowered living.

treat yourself

Extra night Stay including breakfast, lunch & dinner – £265

2.5 hour forest bathing session £145

1 hour Restorative Yoga session £65

1 hour Full Body massage £75

1 hours Mindful Talk Therapy  £100

2 hour mood boarding and intention settings £120

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Understanding your heart desires and life purpose £180

(Moon and lunar modes)

For those of us who sometimes feel that they have lost a sense of connection and

Purpose in their lives. This astrology reading will light the way forward too deeper and 

More satisfying experiences ahead. What is it that you truly desire and how is your chosen

Life purpose guiding you forward.

Understanding your emotional needs & deepest healing potential £180

(Moon & Chiron)

This nurturing astrology reading is designed to provide an emotionally supportive 

Environment to create the opportunity for us to reach our deepest healing potential 

In life . Sometimes we are moving through life unaware if what it is that can truly bring 

us healing and help us to feel comfortable and loved, this reading will guide you on 

your path to inner peace.

The Karmic Warrior’s Path (Lunar nodes & Pluto) £180

The birth chat holds so much wisdom and knowledge about our past lives, 

karmic learning and soul growth path. This astrology reading will teach you 

the wisdom of your own soul which has journeyed through lifetime after lifetime,

in many different forms and guises. Discover your warrior path this life and take 

time to consider your own journeys and intentions for moving towards a greater

Realisation of your own karmic wishes.

Meditation and energy balancing practised maybe offered to help connect with

The energy of this reading in a more embodied way. 

Talk, Embody & Heal (with Astrology) £240

The addition of intuitive astrological counselling within the ‘Talk, Embody

Heal’ therapy helps create an even deeper possibility for healing and 

Transformation. The weaving in of Karmic meaning from the birth chart 

Helps develop a fuller understanding of what has been holding us back from 

Living and embodying a more fulfilled life.

A guided relaxation practice at the end of the therapy creates the 

ideal ground for bringing in this new learning, to align the unconscious mind with

Our healing needs

All guided relaxations for these packages can be recorded for you to take home and enjoy again and again.

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