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A Holistic, transformative Journey of healing and recuperation curated for your personal needs 

Yearning for deep rest and renewal? The Nest, a serene solo restorative retreat for women, awaits. Curated by women, The Nest offers you a quiet haven to pause, breathe, and rediscover your authentic self.

Recuperative Retreat

At The Nest, your solo recuperation retreat awaits. Immerse yourself in the gentle care of our all-female team, who hold space for you to reclaim your inner equilibrium. When you come to the Nest you place yourself in loving hands that will journey by your side.

We listen with empathy, empower you with wisdom, and celebrate your every step forward on your path to wholeness. Let them guide you, nurture you, and unveil the radiant self that emerges from your gentle recuperation.

Transformative retreat

At The Nest, your solo transformative retreat begins. We help you look within to reconnect with your essence. It could be simply to understand who you are at a deeper, more authentic level and what you need, to feel a greater sense of peace and purpose.

Our solo restorative retreats for women are a journey of transformation

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As a team we have a wealth of experience with guiding women back home to themselves.

We’ve journeyed with so many amazing women through mid-life, menopause, grief, relationship breakdowns, life-changing illness, post operative recovery and just feeling like life has taken them to a bit of a crossroads.

We work with clients on helping them lovingly connect back to themselves and to their bodies, empowering them to find their own intuitive wisdom. Gently guiding them to work through blockages, heal trauma and reconnect to their own sense of inner power. Offering a quiet space, without the external noise and busyness of their everyday, to rest and rejuvenate within the powerful healing of Mother Nature.

We help our clients’ search within to discover their emotional and healing needs by connecting to their ‘body mind’ that holds so much of our intuitive wisdom from which we often have unknowingly disconnected.  Using mindfulness, meditiation, QiQong, intuitive life coaching, nature therapy, yoga, breath work, aromatherapy, sound and talk therapy.

We offer our own intuitive guidance through teaching practices that will benefit clients on their journey. So that they can continue to empower themselves as they move back into their own lives with a deeper sense of connection, contentment and purpose.

When body, mind and soul are working in unison you will have a beautiful sense of peace within, no matter what challenges life holds or throws at us.

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